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  • A Disscusion of 24 Frame and the new 48s Frame for DTV
  • Digital Cinema article

  • This article which appeared in the October, 1995 issue of TV Technology explores why television has thwarted the use of electronic means for distributing film to motion picture theaters. Issues of what is needed in theatrical motion picture presentation, such as resolution, contrast, colorimetry and the "film look" are discussed.
  • Aspect Ratio and Image Cut-Off

  • Motion picture films are photographed for projection in various aspect ratios (width of the projected picture divided by its height). The aspect ratio (A/R) used to film the picture is not always the same as that employedto project or televise the film. To further complicate matters motion pictures for theatrical projection are filmed with both flat and squeezed images. This was a contribution to the SMPTE Committee on Telecine Practice N19.18

  • 24 Frames Progressive (24p) vs 30 Frames Interlaced (30i)

  • With today's new DTV standard it is obvious that 24 frame progressive should be of great interest to the broadcaster. The images are free of aliasing.

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