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SCRI  Leader in Television Research
Information about HDTV
Society of Broadcast Engineers
Federal Communications Commission's
National Association of Broadcasters
MSTV Home page

ATSC Home page


National Cable TV Association's History Page

DVB Home Page

Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers
Audio Engineering Society's
Society of Television Enginedrs
(founded in 1940)
American Society of Telecine Colorists
The Consumer Electronics Association's  Home page

A Digital Television & HDTV Forum hosted by Lee Wood, Director of Engineering at KOIN-TV, Portland, OR

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  a great place to see all kinds of early TV sets from mechanical scan to present day things.


      Courtesy of the Early Television Foundation & Museum


  • History of the BBC

    BBC Crest

    United Kingdom Flag Image

    Ours --  Theirs
    A History of the DuMont Television Network
    Other great links to Television's History
    National Television System Committee
    (Both of them)
    High Definition Television 
    HDTV over the Internet
    Nipper from Pet to Icon
    Earliest Video Discs
    Leading Broadcast Engineering Journal
    A history of RCA
    A Link to radio's past
    Dd Reitan's History of Color Television
    C BAND, Ku BAND and DBS Satellite Location Chart
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    "Radio Doings" -- October 25, 1924. 
    It is interesting to compare the early days of radio with today.  Note: Station locations are listed in meters. To convert meters to MHz, divide the frequency in meters into 300. For example: on page 25, they show KGO - Pacific Broadcasting Station is at 312 meters. That converts to 0.961 MHz or 961 KHz. KGO is now located at 810 KHz or 370 meters.
    Larry Bloomfield's Home Page
    Jim Mendrala's Home Page

    This antennas is for TV without the pictures -- radio.


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    How the geosynchronous Satellites see us.

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    Where this once stood is now KTLA Channel 5

    5800 Sunset Blvd. -- Hollywood, CA

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