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Tech-Notes has been a work of love since May 18, 1997 and the website since July 1, 2000. It is impossible to support this personally so we would like to take on a sponsor to help defray the costs of Tech-Notes and this website. Please visit the sponsor's page and support their various companies.
 We've been doing a Road Show -- A Taste of NAB ran from 2002 through 2010. We are not planning any more Roadshows at this time.

Our Mission
Our Mission:


Tech-Notes is published for broadcast professionals, and anyone else interested in Digital Television, High Definition Television, Digital Cinema, while keeping alive the history of our industry.  Sharing experiences, knowledge, observations, concerns, news, opinions or anything else relating to these and related topics with fellow engineers and anyone else interested is what we're all about.  We invite everyone to participate with comments, experiences, the latest - breaking news,  questions and/or answers. This is YOUR forum!
How we got started:


We started with ten subscribers on May 18, 1997.  The number of subscribers fluctuates. We now have over 3000 subscribers and are still growing. This website was started on July 1, 2000 and only new hits are recorded on the main page counter. Take a look to see how many visitors we've had to date on our main page.

What we have to offer:

Those who don't learn from history are usually condemned to repeat it. We will post educational opportunities as we are aware of them; help by trying to provide definitions for terms used in our industry in our Glossary and try to preserve the history of our industry by providing personal observations, information, input and links to other websites.  There's a plethora of information already available in some areas; we'll provide links, as we become aware of them.  Where there are voids, we will try to fill them, but we need your help and input.



Tech-Notes is available both by subscription and on our website. We send Tech-Notes out in PDF as an attachment to those who want it immediately or we send a notification that the latest edition has been posted on our website for those who don't wish to receive the larger files via e-mail. Our two lists are maintained on a mail server and only  individuals who have subscribed themselves or have asked to be placed on the mailing list receive Tech-Notes. Feel free to forward Tech-Notes, intact, making sure the addressee knows you sent them and we didn't.
Tech-Notes are FREE -- no charge.  No one gets paid (sigh). We do not endorse any product or service. However we are underwritten by Bloomfield Enterprises, LLC., and they permit us to keep the same policies we currently have with respect to content.
Reproduction and distribution:
Tech-Note articles may be reproduced in any form provided they are unaltered and credit is given to both Tech-Notes and the originating authors, when named. If anything from Tech-Notes is to be used by another publication that normally compensates their writers, please contact us first.  We also appreciate any links to this website.
The ideas, opinions and information presented in the Tech-Notes come from the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Tech-Notes staff, management or other contributors.  Please check out our disclaimer.
News items, comments, observations, opinions, etc., are encouraged and always welcome. We publish when there is something to share. Material may be edited for brevity, but usually is not. 
See the latest Tech-Notes, all back editions, Information about the publishers, a growing glossary of Broadcast terms; watch the milestones as they occur in the History of Digital Cinema; Find out who's laying claim to what part of television's history; A link to Broadcast Engineering web sites.
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