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LARCAN FM Transmitters & Translators
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Bloomfield Enterprises
1980 25th St.
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 902-2424


Please note: Bloomfield Enterprises represents only the products on this website.
LARCAN also manufactures a complete line of full power analog and digital transmitter.
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Designed with a difference to ensure the highest quality audio performance - LARCAN offers a superior range of solid-state FM transmitters from 25W to 5kW. Customer driven, and purpose designed for optimum performance - we bring you the best in FM broadcast technology from 'start to service'. Each of our FM broadcast solutions - from low to medium power transmitters and translators - incorporate leading-edge technology and LARCAN's reputable experience to ensure the highest quality radio broadcast signal. Built for broadcast standards worldwide, LARCAN's FM Series is the best choice for broadcasters looking for the ultimate in made to measure FM solutions.

LARCAN's low power range of FM transmitters (from 25W to 250W) are stand alone products featuring; built-in stereo encoders, audio limiters, frequency synthesizers and telemetry & control circuits. The audio performance of our FM solutions rivals that of digital exciter performance. Each of our FM transmitters also include a Left and Right Peak Program Meter (PPM) display of the demodulated audio on the front panel - reducing the need for additional audio monitoring equipment.

Our medium power FM transmitter Series (from 500W to 5kW) combines leading edge exciter/drivers and RF amplifiers to achieve the required RF output. Our medium power transmitters also feature robust linear power supply units (PSUs), with mains transient protection on the input, and constant voltage transformers to provide high performance operation in unstable mains supply environments.

LARCAN also offers a range of audio UHF Studio-to-Transmitter links from 5kW to 15kW in the frequency range of 300MHz to 470MHz and 800-900MHz.



ISO-9001 Quality Assured