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Picture #01
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Lapin. He was with Motorola at the time
Picture #02
Dennis Nielsen (L), Carter Elliot (C), and Larry Martin (R). Dennis and Larry were working as staff engineers at Rank Video Services America (Garden Grove, CA) at the time of the photo (circa late '80s). Carter was the PR officer at IVC (International Video Corp, Sunnyvale, CA) during the mid 70s when they were employed there.
Picture #03
Don Leith (now deceased), Henry Grove and John Brooks

Picture #04

Picture #05

Picture #06
Left ?, middle, Pat Gallagher, right John Klindworth
Picture #07
Lyle Keys with the crutch

Picture #08

Picture #09
Phyllis, original Herald of the Order with award given to Al Leon for getting a new heart so that he could stay in the industry.

Picture #10

Picture #11
The white Jacketed gentleman is Cornelius [Corny] Webster, deceased.

Picture #12

Picture #13
Leo Darrigo & ?
Picture #14
Last PSA plane to fly before they shut down the airline? Taken by Father Bob Vendeland, our illustrious and somewhat dubious founder.

Picture #15

 Garry Gramman (L), ex owner of Dynair, and John Klindworth (R), who got the yacht "The SeaQuell" among other things, is one of the original Dumont gang, one of the owners of Miratel, president of K & M Electronics, and lastly, is a CATV owner/operator in the Caribbean. Klindworth is shown being presented his Order of the Iron Test Pattern certificate and his 1997 Iron Anchor Award. He got the award for the engineer that sailed around the world in his own little 104 foot yacht. We weren't able to catch up to him until he sailed into the San Diego harbor in October 1998.
If you check the archives on his web site at, you can read his entry relating to the ceremony.
The moral of the story: not all engineers survive at the poverty level.
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Picture #16

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