The Order of the Iron Test Pattern
provides two online services:
  1. Our Newsletter is intended  to inform our members and friends. It is published as part of the Tech-Notes in an effort to save electrons. You will be notified via the old OITP newsletter list.

  2. The Forum is maintained for subscribers so they can ask questions, get answers, share their knowledge and generally chat with other members.

Each list is maintained separately.

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When you subscribe to the either The Tech-Notes or The Forum, it's an automated process and adds the e-mail address you are using to send in the request for subscription to that particular list.  Only the e-mail address asking to be subscribed is added. This is done to reduce the possibility of receiving non-solicited mail. Your privacy is also protected, as a subscriber,  This list and your e-mail address will never be given out.

Articles may be submitted to The Iron Test Pattern Newsletter at any time. The author must indicate if he or she wishes their e-mail address to be withheld, if that is the case.

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